Seattle is likely to be without Percy Harvin on Monday Night

Percy Harvin probably won’t play Monday night in the Seattle Seahawks’ big game against the New Orleans Saints because of continuing soreness in his surgically repaired hip. The Seattle Seahawks are 10-1 technically without him because he only really contributed on two plays against the Vikings.  So before you begin to panic Hawks fans, just keep in mind that they have won all season without Harvin. While he clearly is a talented athlete, the Seahawks have a strong receiving corps without him.

The Seahawks insist there is no structural damage to Harvin’s hip. Maybe he returned a little too soon. Maybe the soreness is going to linger the rest of the season. But it doesn’t appear to be a situation where he would need additional surgery of any kind.  So the right thing to do is rest him and get him back for the playoffs.

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