Seahawks Defensive End Michael Bennett calls out former Head Coach Greg Schiano

Michael Bennett went ham on his former head coach today.  Per the Seattle Seahawks newest member of the D-Line, was not afraid to go on record to blast his old coach.

“I think he just wants to flex his power,” Bennett told Silver. “He has small (man’s) syndrome. I still talk to guys who are there, and trust me, there’s not much respect for him in that locker room.”

Bennett was not the only player to talk bad about Coach Schiano, another player went on record to smash the former head coach:

“How bad is it there? It’s worse than you can imagine,” one NFL player who spent 2012 with the Bucs recently told Silver. “It’s like being in Cuba.”

When you get compared to Fidel Castro, you are probably not going to make it long in a business setting.  What do you think, if you were a betting man, how many games will Schiano make before he is canned?

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