Seahawks DE Michael Bennett might be the worst pet owner ever (Must Read)

When Michael Bennett left the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and signed a contract the Seattle Seahawks, Hedecided to leave his dog it Lucky dog boarding facility in Tampa Bay.

Well TMZ is now reporting that Bennett never came back for his dog or paid the bill.

After four long, lonely months, the puppy waited in vain at the facility, racking up a $5,000 bill.

Lucky Dog made countless efforts to contact Bennett and his wife … but they never got a response, and in August, Lucky Dog gave Koa to a boxer rescue organization in Florida. Koa was eventually placed in a new home with a family that actually gives a crap about him.

TMZ Sports did speak with Michael who told them:

I thought [the $5k bill] was already taken care of. I will call them after work.” He didn’t comment on why he never went back for the dog.

He bill has still never been paid though. That is a shame, he should have just gave the dog away.

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