Seahawks coach says Percy Harvin could land on the injured reserve ending his hopes for playoffs

Today, Pete Carroll was very blunt when speaking about Percy Harvin.  Harvin was a very big free agent acquistion in the beginning of the year, but he really has not been an option for the red-hot Seahawks.  Well today when coach was asked about the odds of Percy Harvin going on the I/R to fill in a spot for another player since the Sehawks have several injuries, he stated this:.

“That may happen.” Yesterday, Carroll did state that Harvin would not participate in this weeks practice.  While the Seahawks will probably make a huge push without him, would this be a smart move for the Hawks?

It obviously sounds like Coach is getting just as frustrated as the fans with the entire Harvin situation.  Maybe he will not be the great player he once was in Minnesota.

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