Richie Incognito has officially went “NUTS”; Checks himself into Psychiatric Unit in Arizona

Yesterday reports came out that Richie Incognito smashed his car with a baseball bat, and that in fact was true.  Incognito interviewed by Fox news in Arizona said that he needed to vent and that was his way.  He took a picture with the car covered sitting on the hood and said he would enjoy his time off with his family.  Well that is not the case, a day after talking with the news people, he is checking himself into a Psychiatric Unit in Arizona.

THIS JUST IN: Richie Incognito has checked himself into a psychiatric care unit. (MEDIA REPORTS)
2/28/14 11:45 AM

I feel horrible for Incognito, this entire situation seems like a big joke, because it should have never been in the media in the first place.

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