Richard Sherman talks trash about Brees saying “He has never dominated Seattle”

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman recently placed Drew Brees second on his list of the NFL’s five smartest quarterbacks, but not for what he has done against Seattle.

“He makes incredible adjustments during the game,” Richard Sherman wrote this week for, before admitting that it’s not something he’s seen firsthand, saying:”He’s never done that to us.”

Sherman acknowledged that Seattle’s dominance at home draws partly from a deep look at opposing quarterbacks.

“We study concepts, we study plays, we study tendencies, quarterbacks, their movements,” he said. “We’re really a very disciplined, film-watching football team. I think when you work that hard, when you study that hard, when you’re not out partying and you’re spending that time watching film, and getting ready for your opponents, it benefits you.”

While I wouldn’t expect anything else from Richard Sherman, he might want to calm it down on the words.

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