Richard Sherman talked a lot of trash earlier this year, but he is definitely backing it up

Earlier this year Richard Sherman went on a trash talking spree, and his main target was Darrelle Revis who is known as the best cover corner in the game.  Shoot they even called him “Revis Island”.  Well this year Richard Sherman has been playing at a very high level, and as a matter of fact he is leading the NFL in interceptions with 8.

A matter of fact, if Richard Sherman gets a pick this week and Revis does not get one, Sherman will have just as many career picks as Revis in four less years.  Richard Sherman has 20 career interceptions, while Revis has 21 career interceptions.

When you take in the two players, you have to be impressed with both, but Richard Sherman is beginning to remind me of Deion Sanders.  While he is not as flashy with his picks and returns, or dancing, he is a play maker.  If teams continue to throw his direction they will pay.  He has already let that be known.

The worst thing about a trash talker is someone that cannot back up what he is saying, but this year Sherman has truly proven that he is a shut down corner and one of the best in the game at doing it.  Statistically speaking, he is about to pass a guy that is known for shutting his opponents down.

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