Richard Sherman says the refs won the game not the 49ers

After losing the game tonight the Seattle Seahawks failed to clinch the division. Well Richard Sherman was disappointed but not at the play rather the calls.

“We didn’t project it to be this way,” Sherman said, via quotes distributed by the 49ers. “We expected to blow them out but they got the benefit of a few calls tonight throughout the game and that helps you especially on third down, we will see them again and it will be a different result.”

He reiterated that he expected a blowout for the Seahawks, and that the home team “got a few questionable calls on third down.”

When Sherman was asked about the return of Crabtree, he quickly said that didn’t matter.

“It didn’t make a difference,” Sherman said. “It didn’t make a difference at all. . . . The penalties, that is what made the difference today.”

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