Is this Redskins name change really a big deal?

redskinsOur Friends at Sports Ruckus were asked this question by one of their followers and here is their answer to ” Is this redskins name thing a big deal?

Listen ladies and gentlemen , I get it. This topic is not as black and white as people think.(pun intended) When I started researching the Redskins name and origins. Google sent me in more then 87 directions about how it is offensive or how it is not offensive at all.

That’s when it hit me…… The problem is not the the term Redskins , it’s the generational gap that exist between what it means to some people a long time ago and this generations need to bury the past. America has an almost magical ability to whisper Shhhhhhhhh in this Instagram Facebook nations ear. ” There wasn’t that much racism, unjust killings , mayhem and slavery” . I don’t know If you know this and I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you but for a long time here, if you were a minority in this country. Things kinda super sucked. 

There has to be a level of respect given to those that don’t want to be reminded about a horrible time in there lives.

As an extremely handsome African American I can say unequivocally that yes,  there are some words people can direct at me or my family,  that can kinda put me in a really bad mood. A lot of my friends that aren’t minorities say “they don’t get it” and I say ” that’s fine…. I do”. It’s a big deal,  just not to this generation.  Should it be ,is a completely different question.

Do you agree with Raymond? If not let him know on twitter @SportsRuckus 

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