If the Redskins have to change their name it will not be the first time

Did you know that the Washington Redskins have changed their name before?  While doing research on team’s that have changed their names, we found out that 7 teams have changed their names in their team and mascot name since football originated. 

Current Name Formerly Known As (Year Changed)
New York Jets New York Titans (’63)
Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Pirates (’40)
Tennessee Titans Houston Oilers (’96)
Kansas City Chiefs Dallas Texans (’63)
Washington Redskins Boston Braves (’33)
Chicago Bears Decatur Staleys (’21)
Detroit Lions Portsmouth Spartans (’34)

Who would have thought that the Redskins changed their name back in 1933.  It makes you really think about the Redskins name, because the team name has lasted almost one hundred years.  It will be hard to change, and I wonder what the NFL is going to do.  The last name change came in 1996 when the Oilers became the Titans and moved to Tennessee. 

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