Ray Farmer is not willing to put all eggs in a basket for Johnny Manziel

Everyone in the Browns organization has been tied to Johnny Football, but that was before the staff was all fired last week.  Now that former NFL standout Ray Farmer is in charge, he has one goal in mind, and that is to get the team on track.  When he was asked about the quarterback position and Johnny Manziel he was quick to say:

“I’m definitely going to be aware of how the coaches feel,” Farmer said. “I’m going to be aware of how the scouts feel and I’m going to be aware of how I feel. I’ll mesh those opinions, as well as the other ones that we have, to make the right decision on who the quarterback should be going forward, assuming that’s the position that we actually take at that point.”

It honestly sounds as if Farmer is trying to work with everyone, but will he try to take Johnny Football early, or go in a different direction?

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