Police found the gun used in 2012 double homicide that could connect Aaron Hernandez

Massachusetts state police have located the gun used in a 2012 double homicide that may be connected to former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez, according to CBS 3 of Springfield, Mass.

The police found the gun in a car crash, where the car belonged to a female named Jailene Diaz-Ramoz of Bristol, Conn. CBS 3 of Springfield reported that the gun belonged to a friend whom Diaz-Ramos called “Chicago.” She said “Chicago” is a football player, and that he and his friends wanted to leave the gun with her so that they didn’t have to bring it with them. I don’t know why anyone would call themselves “Chicago” if they are from Connecticut, but if Diaz-Ramos does pick out Hernandez from a photo line-up it could be huge for the state.

This is a huge blow to Hernandez if the police can link it to the former pro bowl tight end. The Patriots are trying to move on without Hernandez, but with Rob Gronkowski being out with a back injury the Patriots could be in trouble week one versus the Bills.

WBZ of Boston has tweeted a photo of Diaz-Ramos’ mug shot. Here you go:


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