Pittsburgh’s Ike Taylor praises rookie Jarvis Jones

The Pittsburgh Steelers need a boost, and Ike Taylor feels that the 17th overall pick in 2013 Jarvis Jones will provide it.

“He has to find himself, meaning he’s got to trust his ability, he’s got to trust why he’s a first-round [pick] over there,” veteran cornerback Ike Taylor said of Jones. “He’s got to understand the defense. He’s got to know where everybody’s at on the defense. Once he starts doing that, he’s going to be a hell of a player.”

Taylor said can’t remember a rookie playing such a prominent role so early in Dick LeBeau’s defense. “Obviously they see something in [Jones] for him to be out there so early,” said Taylor, who arrived in Pittsburgh a year before LeBeau returned for a second stint as the Steelers’ defensive coordinator.

This is great praise coming from Ike Taylor.  Taylor loves the tenacity of Jones, and I have to admit I do too.  I had Jarvis Jones rated as the top pass rusher in this draft.  The guy has that IT factor.  He will be fine, hopefully he can be the one that turns this team around, because they need help.

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