Pittsburgh running back Jonathan Dwyer should be sick of getting treated like a rug

If I were Jonathan Dwyer I would be upset.  Not at the fact that the national media is treating him like a rug, but the fact that people have lost faith in the former Georgia Tech standout.  I don’t know about these so called experts, but if I were in his shoes, I would go out to prove everybody in the organization and league that I will not be the punch line in jokes.

I think Dwyer is due to have a huge season, and will not let the number one role up, once he has his hands on it.  Last year Dwyer rushed for 623 yards on just 156 carries.  He averaged 4 yards a carry and was able to get in the end zone twice. While the offensive line in Pittsburgh has not been great, that is pretty solid production.  Last year Dwyer had to fight off veteran Rashard Mendenhall for playing time, and right when he thought he would be in the driver’s seat, guess who the Steelers draft?  Yep, you guessed it, Rashard’s new replacement Le’Veon Bell.

I never once read an article that said Bell was drafted to compete with Dwyer, who was their most productive back last year.  He was automatically written off by the media as well as the Steelers.  Well now it looks like the Steelers might need their back-up more than ever.  With Le’Veon Bell going down with an ankle injury and could miss some time, Dwyer will get the chance to take over the #1 spot.

I feel that Dwyer will be a great pick up if you play fantasy football. He can run and catch out the back field, and is not afraid of contact.  Dwyer is a young player, who is in a contract season.  In 2014, Dwyer is a free agent.  This is usually when a player breaks out, because he knows he is playing for a pay check.  While I don’t believe that the Steelers will be Super Bowl contender, I do believe that they will regret treating their former running back they way they have.  I think the Steelers will soon realize they need Jonathan Dwyer, more than Jonathan Dwyer needs them, but I could be wrong.

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