Patriots trying to extend Darrelle Revis already?

According to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report the New England Patriots are already talking extension for Darrelle Revis.

the Patriots is that Revis has been so good so far, that they are privately already starting to talk about extending his contract,” Cole said. “Now everybody knows that this was a two-year deal but it’s really disguised as a one-year deal and the plan was that Revis would simply hit free agency and after this coming season be a free agent again in 2015. The Patriots like what they see so much, they think they see the next Ty Law and that shutdown cover corner to really get their defense going, that they’d like to extend him out.”

This will be a huge deal if the Patriots do in fact extend Revis. Revis is still the beat CB in the NFL.


Source refutes the report that the Patriots and Revis have engaged in contract extension negotiations.
8/5/14 6:55 PM
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