Packers Johnny Jolly’s addiction to “Purple Drank” could have killed him

Johnny Jolly admitted that he was tacking Codeine before every game.  He was on fire too back in 2009.  He stated he was using the drank every game, and that was his best performances.

Johnny Jolly needed codeine. The Green Bay Packers defensive tackle’s addiction had so overtaken his life that he had to take the drug the night before games and throughout the season to maintain his high.

“At the rate I was going, I could’ve been dead,” Jolly told NFL Media’s Andrea Kremer.

Johnny Jolly was suspended from the NFL, and he talks about a situation where he really wanted to be at the Super Bowl.  He couldn’t get into the game because of a suspension, so he checked into a Dallas Hotel, and began drinking more drank.

The Purple Drank is very popular in Texas, where Jolly is from.  Famous rappers such as Paul Wall, and Mike Jones are famous for using the word in their songs, and drinking the Codeine mixed with soda and usually a candy such as jolly rancher.

Jolly had to go to the NFL and ask to be drug tested, and the NFL eventually granted him the shot.  He has been impressive for the Packers this year, but it is a true story of 2nd chance.  The NFL did a great job on this case, Johnny Jolly has now been sober for 2 years.  He said he learned the most when he was in jail, so that is impressive.

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