NFL warned San Francisco for contact on the sidelines in playoffs

The San Francisco 49ers were warned by the NFL but not fined for a sideline collision during their NFC Championship Game loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Jan. 19, a league spokesman said.

An unidentified 49ers team employee had a sideline collision with Seattle cornerback Jeremy Lane on a Seattle punt. Two days after the game, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh said there was no malice intended by the team employee.

Harbaugh said Lane ran into the person, whom Harbaugh declined to identify, but said he was not a player. Lane was knocked to the ground after the collision. Harbaugh said he had a view of the incident.

“It was bang-bang. I could be called for a witness on that,” Harbaugh said. “You don’t know which way to go other than to hold your ground and protect yourself. His reaction would have been mine as well. I would welcome to be called and say the same thing on the record.”

The Niners were able to sneak away with a cheap shot on that play.  They were lucky they were not fined.  That play was about as cheap as Mike Tomlin running out on the field.

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