NFL explains why they fined Ndamukong Suh; “To get his attention”

During Friday’s edition of NFL Network’s “NFL Total Access,” NFL vice president of operations Merton Hanks explained why Suh was fined more than the league minimum for what appeared to be a borderline offense.

“The fine amount is more than the minimum because he is a repeat offender, and I want to get Ndamukong Suh’s attention in this regard,” Hanks said. “I’ve got to help him course correct.”

Hanks told NFL Media’s Andrea Kremer that Suh wasn’t targeted because he’s repeat offender.

“In the big scheme of things, it’s not an egregious play,” Hanks said. “It is a violation, that’s why he was fined.”

I understand, that you can get Suh’s attention, but the fine was sad.  I don’t think you should get a fine if you are not penalized for it.  I hope the NFL fixes this problem, because they are getting out of hand.

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