New Raiders running back Kory Sheets was caught with 6 grams of marijuana

Oakland Raiders signed the former CFL standout running back Kory Sheets earlier this year, and while  Sheets was excited to finally get his chance back in the NFL, he might have just burned his chances.  Earlier this week,  he was granted an absolute discharge after being caught with marijuana just outside of Estevan in Canada. 

The Estevan Mercury reports that RCMP had pulled Sheets car over for speeding and noticed the smell of marijuana coming from the car. When Sheets was asked about it he turned over approximately six grams of marijuana to the police. Sheets plead guilty to possession of marijuana and was granted an absolute discharge. Sheets made a $300 charitable donation to Students Against Drunk Driving as part of the discharge agreement.

I don’t understand players, you work so hard to finally get a shot, and then you blow it by being dumb.  Uggh, I hope Sheets gets a shot, but this is not looking good for the former CFL standout. 

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