Michael Strahan gives Michael Sam some words of advice

Michael Strahan was asked what he thought of Michael Sam and he offered some pretty good advice, as well as said he is sure he has played with Gay Players before.

On his support for Michael Sam:

“I texted him congratulations. I feel bad for him in the sense that he has a lot of pressure and people looking for him to represent something. Right now, he just needs to represent himself and his family and be the best player he can be. Plain and simple. He’s a football player first and foremost.”

On what Sam’s recruitment means to the NFL:

“Well, it’s a big step as far as people just being who they are. There have been gay players since the NFL started—not open in the public sense, but open in the locker room. Now you’ve got players who say the locker room’s going to be uncomfortable and blah blah blah; I tweeted one back the other day saying, ‘You and I both know we’ve played with gay guys before, they just weren’t out. Let this kid live.’”

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