Matt Schaub says the team has six or seven number one receivers

The Oakland Raiders might surprise quite a bit of people this year, but they will not surprise me.  Matt Schaub could have a huge turn around season, sort of like Philip Rivers year last year.  Schaub had a pretty poor year in Houston last season, but this year with Oakland he is very excited.  He talked today big about his weaponry. 

“I look at it with the weapons and looking around our receiver room, our tight end room, our backs, we got about six or seven number one guys,” said Schaub. “And so I look at it as we got a stable of guys that we can distribute the football to and we can spread it around.

“We don’t have to have the focus on one guy. We can beat you with four, five, six different guys, getting the football and distribute it. And on any given day, one of those guys might have 10 [catches] for 150 [yards] but we’re not trying to set the standard like ‘hey, you’re gonna be the guy that we’re gonna go to this many times. We’re gonna try and spread it around, keep the defense honest and all the while with our run game and what we can do with MJD and DMac it’s gonna be exciting to be part of it.”

I honestly feel that if Matt Schaub does not throw for more than 3000 yards and 25 touchdowns the Raiders coaching staff should be fired, because they have all the weapons in the world to make this team a very solid contender, even in the AFC West. 

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