Marshawn Lynch stayed out of the fight in the club (Photo Evidence)

marshawn lynchMarshawn Lynch has had his days of being in trouble in the past, from hitting a lady in the city of Buffalo with his car and leaving the scene, to stealing a 20 dollar tip off the table at a restaurant, but there is cold hard facts concerning the fight that happened in the club that had Lynch as a suspect.

According to TMZ Sports, Marshawn Lynch definitely had a front row seat for a fistfight between two rap crews at an S.F. nightclub — but STAYED OUT OF THE RUCKUS … at least, that’s how it appears in pics obtained by TMZ Sports

Marshawn Lynch was at Mezzanine in San Fran with his cousin Mistah F.A.B. — when F.A.B.’s crew got into it with DJ Mustard’s crew. F.A.B. has already stated that Lynch did not get involved in the club fight, and this picture definitely back-up his testimony. 

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