Let’s rank next year’s fantasy quarterbacks

Ok, it is April and you are craving some fantasy football action. You have looked at 142 mock drafts. You have started working on your lawn for the summer time & even went with the wife to shop for flowers. But no matter how you try to kill some time, you need your fantasy fix. That is why we are here. Get your notepad ready as we check out the top ranking fantasy quarterbacks for 2014.

If you guessed that Peyton Manning would be at the top of our fantasy QB list, you might be clairvoyant. Actually, Mannning is just obvious after torching defenses and racking up wins for guys who had the sense to draft him for their fantasy teams in 2013. The Broncos beefed up their defense through free agency and made a couple moves on offense as well. An overall better team will help out the QB on the field and in fantasy points. Manning is like some kind of audible calling cyborg, so he will not have any fall-off from last year’s record setting season. He is a perfectionist so he is not going to be content with what he and the Broncos did in the past. Draft Manning as your first QB, and actually he should be the first overall pick, regardless of position.

If you cannot get Manning in your draft, then Drew Brees is no slouch either. It could be a toss-up between him, Peyton, and another wildcard QB, as to who ends up the #1 fantasy quarterback next season. In the past six years, Brees has been in the top two fantasy league QBs for five of those seasons. That my friend, is consistency, and drafting Brees is how you embarrass the rest of your fantasy opponents. While they start an also-ran player, you will have a steady gun slinger racking up point after point in The Big Easy.

Ok, let’s say that you missed out on Manning and Brees. Please do not freak out and do something stupid. Just settle down, remember to breathe, and check the draft board for this name…..Aaron Freaking Rodgers. The middle name may be omitted in your league. Rodgers is still at the top of his game and his receivers are beginning to come into their own, as was seen at the end of last year. Rodgers has to shoulder the load for his team, unlike Manning, who has a lot of weapons and a solid defense. That is actually a good thing in the world of fantasy football. The Packers need to score a lot to win, so that results in fantasy points for you, if you are wise enough to get Rodgers on draft day.

Now for a bit of a dark horse at QB. Matt Ryan may have slipped a bit in fantasy production last year, but he will have his offense back intact in the upcoming campaign. Julio Jones will make his return from injury. Roddy White was hurt during many of the 2013 games, even though he toughed it out and suited up anyway. If the offensive line can improve their play, and Steven Jackson can do what he is capable of, then Ryan can do what he does best. You might even be able to get Ryan in a mid-round steal, as most guys will take a flashier QB like Cam Newton, Nick Foles or Colin Kaepernick.

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