LeSean McCoy calls out the Dallas Cowboys; Might come back to bite him

While making an appearance on a Philadelphia-area radio station Monday night, Eagles running back LeSean McCoy called out the Cowboys when talking to the fans.

“I just want to wish everybody a Merry Christmas, and the right way to do it is, Sunday night — even though Christmas is before Sunday — Sunday night, just relax,” McCoy said on WIP-FM. “Turn on the channel, watch your birds manhandle the Dallas Cowgirls. Let’s go. Merry Christmas!”

McCoy wasn’t finished. Before it was announced quarterback Tony Romo would miss the game due to back surgery, McCoy said the Eagles were ready for Romo and wide receiver Dez Bryant.

“We want Dallas. We want [Tony] Romo. We want everybody!” McCoy said. “We want Dez, too. We want your best. We want everybody. You wait this long and you put everything into it, the hard training in the offseason, get the new coach, you know, this, that and you’re finally here — the last game. Put all your chips on the table.”

LeSean McCoy is running his mouth and let’s be honest, he better hope that Kyle Orton doesn’t lead this team to a victory.  This last game has everything riding on it, and LeSean McCoy better come out and play not talk trash.

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