Kyle Orton has a chance to win the game for the Cowboys ROMO’S it

Dallas Cowboys had a chance to beat the Philadelphia Eagles.  They only had to get in field goal range and let their kicker do the rest.  Well with 1:49 remaining on the clock, Kyle Orton took the snap and threw a pass behind Miles Austin that was picked off by Brandon Boykin.  The pass was so bad that his receiver had absolutely no shot to catch the pass.  Orton literally Romo’d the pass to the Eagles defensive back.  While everyone blames Romo for these costly errors, we need to throw Orton under the bus for the horrible throw.

So there you have it, the last playoff team is in and it is the Philadelphia Eagles.  The Dallas Cowboys should not be ashamed, because will the injuries they had they did pretty good to still have a shot in week 17.  Jason Garrett’s seat might not be as hot as we all think, but let’s just say this much, it is definitely warm.

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