Kory Faulkner is impressing big time in San Francisco

Kory Faulkner was signed immediately after the NFL Draft by the San francisco 49ers and he is really impressing the 49ers staff already. Offensive coordinator Greg Roman had big things to say;

“Kory is one of those guys that impresses upon me that he’s the kind of guy at some point in his career, probably turn the keys over to him,” 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman said Tuesday. “And that’s a long ways off, but he definitely does some things that we like.”

Roman then went on to talk about Kory’s protection at college saying he didn’t get much help. He was sacked 24 times last year.

“Now, he had no offensive line in college,” Roman said. “No offense to those players. He can throw under duress. Let me tell you that.

“The first play here, he had really good protection and said to him, ‘What’d you think of that? That was pretty neat wasn’t it? You haven’t had that in a while.’ He had a big smile on his face. Yeah, he had to operate under duress. His first read in college was to avoid the free rusher and go from there.”

Faulkner could beat out former first rounder Blaine Gabbert as the teams back-up QB. Watch Out….

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