Kansas City’s offensive coordinator will not force deep throws on his quarterback Alex Smith

The Kansas City Chiefs underproductive offense could use the boost provided by some big passing plays, but offensive coordinator Doug Pederson said the Chiefs have backed off asking Smith to be more aggressive with his throws.

“You don’t want to put those thoughts in your quarterback’s head and say, ‘We’ve got to do this,’ or ‘We’ve got to do that.’ ’’ Pederson said. “It handcuffs the quarterback. You still have to execute the play, execute the offense, be patient with the offense and then when the opportunity presents itself, then you take advantage of it and you pull the trigger and shoot the ball down the field.’’

I honestly don’t get why you would change something that is working? You don’t need 20 yards to get a first down, if the short throws are working, and you are winning why change up anything? I wouldn’t change it up, I would keep doing what you are doing.

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