Joe Philbin takes blame for the Incognito-Martin fiasco in Miami; Admits he knew

I guess admitting responsibility for an act is the new way to get by.  Well today Joe Philbin the Dolphins head coach admitted he was responsible for the Bullying fiasco in Miami.

Philbin blamed himself for Incognito-Martin: “I’m the head coach, I’m responsible for the work-place environment of the Miami Dolphins.”
2/20/14 10:02 AM
Asked how much he knew about Incognito-Martin during the season, he admitted he knew some, adding, “I didn’t know about the majority of it.”
2/20/14 10:03 AM

It is great that he admitted he knew some, but come on SOME?  I bet he knew everything going on, but didn’t think J-Martin would tell…

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