JJ Wilcox play puts former draft pick Matt Johnson on the bubble in Dallas

I remember when the Dallas Cowboys drafted the play maker Matt Johnson from Eastern Washington in the forth round of the 2012 draft, and I just shook my head. I didn’t even have Johnson graded as a draft pick in 2012. I scouted small school football for years and while Johnson’s play making ability was amazing he was not the type of player to go to the next
level and make plays.

He might be an amazing player in Camp but as of lately he is on the injury report more than the field. On the other hand the Cowboys did draft a guy in J.J. Wilcox that I was extremely high on. The former Fullback converted safety is a freak athlete who is super hungry. I expect Wilcox will be the rookie of the year for the Boys. He will be a great special teams player and in some defensive packages Wilcox will make an impact.

I just want to let the Cowboys fans know before they make anymore predictions on Matt Johnson. If Johnson doesn’t find a way to get on the field this year, he could be a guy that is given a pink slip come next year.

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