Jim Irsay rips Ryan Leaf’s agent after he made an outrageous claim to sell his book

Leigh Steinberg, Ryan Leaf’s agent, wrote in a new book that Ryan Leaf wanted to go second overall to San Diego instead of first overall to Indianapolis, and that Leaf manipulated the Colts by skipping a meeting with them. According to Steinberg, the Colts were initially leaning toward taking Leaf, and decided to go with Manning only when Leaf didn’t meet with them. Steinberg also claims that the Chargers were in on the plan.

“I first cleared the idea with Chargers general manager Bobby Beathard, lest San Diego also question my client’s reliability. Beathard went along with the ruse,”Steinberg writes.

“I read something where [Leaf] purposely missed that meeting with Mora and that’s what affected what we were going to do; that’s a bunch of BS,” Irsay told the Indianapolis Star. “This was a football decision. [Missing the meeting] wasn’t even a factor.”

Irsay thinks Steinberg is just trying to drum up some attention for his autobiography.

“Leigh is writing a [bleeping] book so I guess he’s got to get out there and promote it,” Irsay said.

This is great, especially when you think that Ryan Leaf is in jail…. If you were his agent you would be trying to sell a book too, obviously he wasn’t a great agent.

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