Jerry Jones is full of himself, he honestly believes he is doing the best work ever in the past years

Jerry Jones is old, but maybe he is becoming senile.  In an interview with a radio station in Dallas, Jones stated that he feels he is performing at the highest of his career.

“The facts are that I really do think the way things have rolled out that I’m getting to do some of the best work that I’ve done, relatively speaking in my career of these last several years,” Jones said on KRLD-FM via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

I don’t know how much Cowboys fans can take before they just give up. I mean Jerry Jones has done a good job in drafts in the past few years, but his coaching staff continues to let him down.  I honestly feel the team is special, but they need better coaches.  Jason Garrett is not the answer, the Cowboys need to bring in a person that can get that defense right and someone on the offense that can move the ball.  I think a coach like Jon Gruden or Lovie Smith would be a great addition to the Boys, but to get a coach like that they might ask Jones to step away from the GM roles.  He might not be willing to let go of those duties if he feels he is doing that great.

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