Jay Cutler was called the “Luckiest Dude in Chicago” by Donovan McNabb

Jay Cutler has not been the greatest quarterback in the NFL, but one former NFL QB who played 13 seasons let him have it. Donovan McNabb the former Eagles quarterback was doing a guest appearance on 87.7 The Game’s Jarrett, Harry and Spike show and boy did he let the Bears have it for the contract they shelled out to Jay Cutler.

“I think Jay might be the luckiest dude in Chicago, to be honest with you, with the contract that he received for what we haven’t seen thus far,” McNabb said. “Don’t get me wrong, I think Jay’s got a strong arm, I think the sky’s the limit for him. But for what we’ve seen in Chicago, when you didn’t finish the NFC Championship — which it was due to injury. But even with that, you haven’t been able to get past that hump you needed. One game to get into the playoffs, you couldn’t get it done. Caleb Hanie comes in to play, Josh McCown comes in to play, and then contract comes up and you get paid like a top-three, top-four quarterback? I mean, are you serious? For what we’ve seen? If he doesn’t do it this year, it’s going to end up being a mistake.”

So let me ask you this question, do you think that Cutler was given too much money?  I feel that McCown was pretty darn impressive last season. Maybe it is true, head coach Marc Tressman could be the best quarterback coach in the NFL, but why is Jay Cutler not having the best success?  I feel I could make big plays with Alshon Jeffrey and Brandon Marshall, but we will see what Cutler is capable this year.  Can he rise to the occasion or will the Chicago Bears regret giving him that check? 

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