Jason Hatcher says his nerves are acting up, but he hopes to be ready

Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Jason Hatcher didn’t practice Wednesday and won’t be able to practice until the nerve calms down enough so he regains the strength in his left arm. Hatcher said he’s not experiencing any numbess but just doesn’t have any strength in the arm.

“It’s never happened to me. It’s an odd situation. It’s frustrating,” Hatcher said. “It’s a nerve condition. You just have to wait until the nerve gets un-pissed off and then it’ll give me my arm back. As soon as that happens, hopefully it will be before Sunday.”

Hatcher certainly will do everything he can to play Sunday night considering the game is in his home state of Louisiana and against Rob Ryan, the Cowboys’ defensive coordinator last season who is now the Saints’ defensive coordinator. He said he refuses to wear a neck roll.

“I got my neck roll, so if I can get it back, I’ll wear this neck roll from now on and stop being so stubborn,” Hatcher said. “It’s one of those things where I should have been wearing the neck roll. I just don’t like the neck roll. I feel like it takes away from athleticism. It’s one of those things I just have to make an adjustment to. If D-Ware can do it, I’ll do it.”

Jason Hatcher has 7 sacks and leads all defensive tackles in that category.

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