Jack Del Rio will finally get his shot, and Peyton will help him land a huge job

Jack Del Rio is not a great coach, but he seems to always land in a great situation.  Right now the USC Trojans head coaching spot is open and Jack Del Rio is a prime candidate.  Well Jack Del Rio will get another shot at looking like a great coaching prospect.  He will be the interim coach of the Denver Broncos with John Fox going to surgery this week.  Fox should be out for about a month or so, which means Jack Del Rio will be in charge of the team.

The Denver Post’s Mike Klis tells @NFL_AM the Broncos will name Jack Del Rio as interim head coach.

Jack Del Rio is a defensive minded guy, but we all know who is going to be calling the shots on the field.  It will be the legend himself Peyton Manning.  Manning will continue to lead the Broncos to victory and Del Rio will benefit from it.  I would not hire Del Rio as the coach, I would hired the interim coach they have know, because up until last week USC Trojans were irrelevant.  He has them playing hard, and I hope Del Rio doesn’t land a job from this interim experience with the greatest quarterback in the world.

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