Is Khalil Mack the best pass rusher in college football? One NFL scout believes so

Today , I had the pleasure to speak with an NFL scout from the NFC West and boy did he give me some interesting information for our readers.

Today I asked this vested NFL scout a few very interesting questions regarding the NFL Draft and where he rates some players.

The first question I had was about Johnny Manziel, because their is such a love/hate issue with him .

I asked him where he projected Johnny Manziel in the NFL Draft?

“I would not draft Johnny because he dosen’t fit our offense, but he is a great athlete. He is very small, but has shown a great arm and intelligence on the field. I wish he could use that same intelligence off the field. As of right now, I feel he is a top 100 player, but to put a grade on him, he is a late second to early third rounder in my opinion.”

Next I asked him if he thought Jadeveon Clowney hurt himself because of his poor endurance?

“Clowney is a very agressive player. Sometimes he is too aggressive, but is he the best pass rusher? No he is not! Khalil Mack of Buffalo is the best pure pass rusher. His moves are so smooth he just glides past the lineman. As for Clowney’s endurance, not many scouts are going to be worried about It, because he has been on fire lately. Any good coach can get a player’s endurance up. You cannot teach his Power and Ability. He is a faster DeMarcus Ware. “

Who are your top 5 Quarterbacks in the NCAA regardless of what grade they are in?

“Jameis Winston is playing at a high level, he is my number one. After him Marcus Mariota, Teddy Bridgewater. After that there is a drop off. If I had to choose two I would say Brett Hundley and Tajh Boyd.”

If you had the first pick in the draft, what player would you pick?

I would select Taylor Lewan, you build the trenches . He is the safest pick. That kid is special, with amazing footwork.

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