Is Danny Amendola the biggest free agent bust since Alvin Harper?

When the New England Patriots signed Danny Amendola to replace Wes Welker they were hoping for the same type of production, but they knew when they signed him, he has not had one season in the NFL where he played more than 12 games.

They let Wes Welker go, and he currently leads the NFL in touchdowns.  My question to the readers is this: Is Danny Amendola the biggest free agent bust since Alvin Harper?

Alvin Harper in his first year had 46 receptions for 633 yards and two touchdowns.  After coming off a season with 8 touchdowns for the Dallas Cowboys, Harper took his money straight to the bank, while the Buccaneers crumbled.   This season Danny Amendola has been healthy for 3 of the 6 games and he has a total of 159 yards.  Amendola has zero touchdowns and cannot stay healthy.  He is starting to look more and more like a bust.

I don’t know why the Patriots don’t go out and trade for Kenny Britt a former Rutgers standout and a Bill Belichick favorite.  I am sick of hearing about Amendola and the Patriots, let’s be honest, they haven’t had him all year, and they are winning. I would cut ties right now, because he is just going to cost you money.

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