Is Adrian Peterson a first ballot Hall of Famer?

I feel this is a very easy answer, but today I had a person debating with me saying If Adrian Peterson’s career ended today he would not be a first ballot HOFer.

So I went to the statistics to see where he ranks with the greats. As of right now Adrian Peterson has 10k plus career rushing yards and ranks 28th All-Time for rushing yards. He is 8,200 yards away from Emmitt Smith’s record and is already 29 years of age. He does own the record for most touchdown runs over 60 yards, but does that make him a first ballot guy?

@NFL_Stats: Adrian Peterson holds the #NFL record for most 60+ yard TD runs in a career with 12 #Vikings

Steven Jackson who is still on the Falcons is the only current player with more career rushing yards. He has 500 more yards right now than Peterson and is also 31 years of age. Peterson became the 29th player to rush for 10k career yards last season which is a huge stat, but let’s look at guys above him that are not in the Hall of Fame yet. What do you think, should AP get in before them?

Ladanian Tomlinson – 5th All-Time
Jerome Bettis – 6th All- Time
Edgerrin James – 11th All- Timw
Fred Taylor – 15th All-Time
Corey Dillion – 17th All-Time
Warrick Dunn – 19th All-Time

I will say this in Adrian’s defense he is 14th All-Time in touchdowns scoring 86 touchdown’s, but remember this that is 78 touchdowns behind the scoring king Emmitt Smith’s record.

So what do you think, if Adrian Peterson’s career ended today, would he be a first ballot Hall of Famer?

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