Illegal contract penalties in two weeks of preseason have already passed 2014 total

penaltyCan penalties change a game?  You bet….

The 2014 preseason has been pretty interesting, because there have been more pieces of yellow material thrown around than ever before.  A matter of fact, after two weeks of preseason the referees have thrown more penalties for illegal contract then the entire 2013 NFL season.  This is not normal people.  Many games will be decided because of penalties.  Refs are throwing these flags like they are going out of style.  

Jeff Duncan    @JeffDuncan_ 
Illegal contact penalties called in 2013 NFL regular season: 54. Illegal contact penalties in first two weeks of 2014 preseason: 56.

How long do you think this illegal contract rule will continue? Do you think the NFL needs to change the rule.

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