Ike Taylor says the Steelers organization was built on people doubting them

Ike Taylor, who didn’t practice on Wednesday while still dealing with the effects of the concussion suffered against the Patriots, knows those on the outside might be ready to write this team off for the season, but he isn’t even close to that.

“It’s a tough situation in general, being 2-6 at this point,” said Taylor. “I think this organization is built on people doubting us and we are always coming out. We still have light. The light might look dim from the outside looking in, but it’s going to take us all working together.”

“All I can do as a veteran is show my young guys we still have a job to do,” said Taylor. “I am going to still go out and practice, study, bust my butt and I am going to show that towards my team. I want them to know whether we win or lose, this dude is still giving 110 percent.

“There is no lack of effort on this team. You give effort for your teammates or you wouldn’t be a professional. Lack of effort isn’t an issue, even though it might seem like that. I think everybody gives it their all when they are on the field. Frustrated, I can see that a lot but not a lack of effort.”

I like Ike Taylor’s heart, if he does play this week the Steelers could have good shot at winning the game. They will need to shut down the run if they do in fact want to come out victorious.

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