If the Niners want to make it back to the Super Bowl, they are going to need to rush more defenders

The 49ers defense has looked very solid in the past several weeks, and that has to do with the defensive play calling. Against the Falcons last night the Niners rushed five or more defenders on five of Matt Ryan’s 49 dropbacks Monday night.

The 49ers rushed a game-high seven defenders on the pass that resulted in the game-sealing interception from Ryan. The 49ers bring added pressure on 18.5 percent of opponent dropbacks, the lowest rate in the league.

The 49ers had a 33.6% win probability before Ryan’s pick-six, which brought the 49ers’ win probability to 99.8%. The 66.2% swing was the biggest jump on a defensive play this season.

So if they want to get back to the Super Bowl, they are going to need to send more rushers.  That calculated blitz last night, was huge, and was the ultimate game changer.

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