How many times do we have to watch the Steelers on Primetime this year if they cannot win?

Someone had to say it! I am sorry I love watching Big Ben and company dominate teams but this year is different. The Pittsburgh Steelers have been banged up by injuries losing star players and key personnel, but their offense is bad.

Did you know Adrian Peterson’s first run of the year is more than the Steelers entire two game rushing total? I understand teams are going to go on a down ward spiral at some point, but should the fans suffer?

They have four late night Primetime games this year, my question is when is that going to change? If they keep losing, like I believe they will, we are in for some poor Primetime football folks. The Steelers are usually a good team, but put a team like Kansas City or Buffalo on Primetime, at least they have either a good young player to watch or a winning team.

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