How did the Broncos follow concussion protocol for Wes Welker?

In the game this week Wes Welker was knocked out on a drag route by several Kansas City Chiefs defenders.  Welker looked woozy on the ground and to be honest it was very obvious he was not 100 percent.  Welker even took a knee before leaving the field.

In the NFL, the Broncos should have had doctor’s look at him and medically clear him using all the protocol for concussions.  Welker on the other hand didn’t sit out for 2 plays and he was back in the game making a catch.

With the way the NFL has been moving lately, I am truly shocked that the NFL has not said anything or media outlets are not talking about it.

Welker was obviously shook up and had a problem, but he immediately went back into the game.  After the game Welker was diagnosed with a concussion, and will now have to go through the protocol and be cleared medically to return.  I just feel the Broncos dropped the ball on this play.  What do you think?

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