Houston Texans need to follow Kansas City Chiefs blueprint to success

The Houston Texans are not that far away from competing with everyone in the NFL.  This was a strange year, especially when they still ranked 7th in total defense.  The key players are still there but they were dealing with injuries.  I am not saying they are as stacked as the Kansas City Chiefs were when they hired Andy Reid, but let’s be honest they do have some studs.  If you take into consideration, Arian Foster, Andre Johnson, Owen Daniels, Brian Cushing, and JJ Watt, the team is surrounded with talent, but all of them were injured minus Watt.

So next year when Bill O’Brien is beginning his free agency, they need to be smart.  If Jay Cutler does some how get out of Chicago, I think the Texans need to throw all their marbles in a basket and sign him.  He is a proven winner, and a proven veteran.  This will help guys in the locker room, and not set the team back.  If the Texans can follow the blue print of the Kansas City Chiefs it allows them to draft the best player in the draft, or even trade back from #1.  Imagine if the Texans took Jadeveon Clowney with the first pick and signed Jay Cutler?

They go right back to the playoffs, and that is not coaching, that is just being smart.  Right now if you take a young quarterback you are going to have to go through growing pains.  Look at Alex Smith, he doesn’t make many mistakes and he has led the Chiefs back to the playoffs.  This could be what is on the minds of the Texans organization, and that is why they went after the former Patriots assistant Bill O’Brien.

What would you do Texans fans? Would you draft a quarterback, or take a veteran?

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