Has Mario Williams been worth the 100 million dollars he received?

I am sick of hearing haters on twitter and in the media about Mario Williams and his hefty contract.  Since he has come to Buffalo, he has been a freak of nature for the Bills. He has provided several huge plays to keep us in the game, and I personally want to make a valid point for the sack master.

I have watched several people on the internet bad mouth the former NC State product since his debut in Buffalo.  I have read that the guy is no where to be seen during  some games, he was a waste as a free agent pick up, Bills overspent for him.  Well guess what Bills fans, in 1 and half years as a Buffalo Bill, he has 20 sacks.  YES, you read that right, in 1 and a half years he has 20 sacks.

Mario Williams has 10 sacks this season (t-2nd in NFL). He has 2 straight 10-sack seasons with the Bills (2 with Texans in 6 seasons).

Mario Williams currently has 73.5 sacks which is over 7 years in the NFL.  The guy is only 28 years old, which means he still has several monsterous years left.  Basically Buffalo was able to get the guy in his prime.  He is ranked 68th of all time in the NFL and 20 of those sacks came while he was in Buffalo.

Another crazy thing is that Mario only had two 10 plus sack season’s before coming to Buffalo with the Texans. In 2007 he registered 14 sacks and in 2008 he registered 12.  After that he has honestly put up mediocre numbers, but getting 10 plus sacks a season has not happened since Aaron Schobel.

Aaron Schobel had 78 total sacks in his career, over 9 years, Mario Williams could break his total next week if he has another huge game.  So when people look at Mario Williams they tend to forget how important it is to get a pass rush.  The last time the Bills had a pass rush like this was in 2005 with Aaron Schobel, but the rest of the team on defense was horrible.  This defense is actually playing well.

Think of the guys above Mario Williams then take into affect how old they are:

John Abraham – 33 years old, Jared Allen – 31 years old, Demarcus Ware – 30, Dwight Freeney-32, Robert Mathis – 31, Terrell Suggs – 30, Osi Umenyiora -31, Andre Carter/Justin Smith – 33, and Shaun Phillips – 31.

That means there are only 10 players in the NFL with more sacks than Mario Williams and he still has 2 years before he turns 30.  The guy was worth the money Bills fans, trust me.  If he keeps this pace the guy could have 90 plus sacks by the age of 30, which would rank him in the top 40 all time for sacks, with the likes of guys like Howie Long, Robert Porcher and Warren Sapp.  Just sayin…..

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