Greg Little says Josh Gordon is being suspended for something not in his control

Greg Little was on Fox Sports Radio yesterday with Bill Polian and Alex Marvez, and he seemed to back his former teammate Josh Gordon 100 percent when asked about him. 

“€œHe’s a guy that’s going to work to get back and show this is a mistake,” Little told co-host Bill Polian and me about Gordon on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “€œIt’s something that wasn’t in his control, so to speak. I don’t want to get into too much detail about it.”

Just last month, ESPN reported that Gordon was headed for a year-long ban after failing a drug test for marijuana. 

No one in Gordon’s camp or the Browns have really commented on the situation but the Browns have stuck by their wide out. new Oakland Raiders wide receiver Greg Little indicated Thursday night that the suspension may not stem from something as simple as a positive urine sample.

Although Little wouldn’t discuss it is very possible that Gordon missed a random NFL drug test that he was subject to taking. A missed test would automatically be considered a positive under the league’s substance-abuse policy, and if so he could fight and appeal the test.  Richard Sherman was able to do the same thing and win, so if that is the case, Gordon could walk scotch clean. 

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