Grading the Draft: Arizona Cardinals edition

Deone BucannonSports Ruckus writer Justin Walters has graded the entire NFC West, and some Cardinals fans might not like his grading, but he has some very valid points.  Let’s see what the Cardinals finished with.

The Cardinals finished last season strong finishing with 10 wins and a impressive win over the Super Bowl Champion Seahawks.  They entered the 2014 season as a sleeper who may be able to dethrone the champs with a solid draft.  Instead of taking advantage of a draft full of talented players they took the term “sleeper” literally fell asleep at the wheel and reached for players that they may have been able to wait for.  The biggest difference maker they chose was the human missile Deone Bucannon who many feel they reached for. I had Bucannon as my 2nd rated safety, so I don’t have a major issue with the pick but from there that’s where it spun out of control.  Wake Up! Wake Up!  

By the time they woke up they had somehow drafted Logan Thomas who’s specialty is throwing to the open man, no matter what color jersey he has on.  This guy has the talent to turn it around and be special, but nothing I have seen leads me to believe there will be any change. This coaching staff is known to be good with QBs, so we will see. They also drafted a couple of solid 3-4 DEs and a blocking TE and that’s about it.  Arizona plays in a tough division where wins will be tough to come by.  The Seahawks are the Seahawks and the Rams and 49ers had  2 of the better drafts in the whole league, so things aren’t looking too good for Cardinals. On a positive note they are the last team to beat the Seahawks and you can get winter jackets for real cheap in Arizona. Smh

Deone Bucannon S
Troy Niklas TE
Kareem Martin DE
John Brown WR
Logan Thomas QB
Ed Stinson DE
Walt Powell CB

Bucannon is a classic 90’s safety with solid cover skills who specializes in violent collisions

Niklas is more of a blocker but his receiving skills have improved

Martin is a huge DE who who could step in and contribute early.

Thomas could be great or just another talented coach killer.  He has all the tools.

Stinson is a good fit as a 3-4 DE. He can take on blocks and does a solid job in the run game.


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