Frank Gore is beginning to blame himself, is he losing confidence?

In the locker room today according the SF Gate, running back Frank Gore repeatedly referenced his dropped fourth-quarter pass in last week’s 23-20 loss to the Saints. With the 49ers leading 20-17 with seven minutes left, a wide-open Gore dropped a potential big-gainer on 2nd-and-9 from San Francisco’s 21-yard line. That game was not what caused the team the game, but it did make a big difference. Frank Gore sounded off about the play saying:

“I have to make that play. I’m a better player than that. If I had made that play, we would have won the game.”

“A play here, a play there. Even the play where I dropped the ball, we could have won the game.”

“When the plays are there, we’ve got to make them. I point at myself with the pass. I should have made that catch. We wouldn’t be talking about this right now.”

“Like I said, if I would have caught the ball, we wouldn’t be talking about this right now.”

Could the Niners be preparing Marcus Lattimore to replace Frank Gore?  It seems as if Gore is losing all his confidence.

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