Former Steeler Legend goes off on Dallas Cowboys Offensive Coordinator

Terry Bradshaw was a very solid quarterback in the 70’s for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but boy was he upset with the Dallas Cowboys this week.  Bradshaw went off on the Cowboys as well as the suspect play calling by Bill Callahan.

Bradshaw first started off by saying “I was extremely disappointed in what I saw in Dallas,” he said after the Cowboys dropped a 17-16 decision to the Chiefs. “I have a feeling we are going to see the up and down of the Cowboys. That’s just the way it’s going to be.”

While I disagree with Bradshaw’s assessment, I have to agree with him on the play calling of Bill Callahan, where he went off.

“Same old weak junk we saw in Oakland,” Bradshaw said, referring to Callahan’s days with the Raiders. “It drives me up a wall, five-yard out routes, five-yard drag routes. You have to take chances. You can’t keep running this short dinky offense.”

This is the same person that dropped the “F” Bomb on National television during the commercial break.  Where Fox had to come back and apologize for the dumb mistake.

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