Former Charger killed himself in front of his wife and children

As a federal law enforcement officer, I couldn’t imagine something to this nature.  Paul Oliver was a former supplemental draft pick for the San Diego Chargers, who killed himself last week.

The Police report was a fascinating one, which is just wrong and horrible, especially for the family.  The report that both Oliver and his wife had been going through relationship problems.

“Paul has been somewhat depressed over being released, and ending his professional football career,” – Wife Chelsea told police

On September 24th the two began to argue where Paul pushed her in the garage, but the Police were not notified.  Chelsea took their two children and left the house to walk around the neighborhood.  Paul was supposed to meet with his older brother according the report, to go out to dinner. Paul had called his brother and told him to return home.  He could tell Paul was upset, but didn’t think he would do what he was about to do.

Chelsea and her two children (2 and 1) returned back to the house, to have Paul arguing with her.  Both had been drinking earlier in the day.

Chelsea told police that the family was standing in the foyer of their home, when Oliver jumped over the baby gate and ran up the staircase. He went into the bedroom and came back holding a handgun. According to the report, Paul Oliver told his wife that he was going to do it “in front of her.”

He pointed the gun toward the ceiling and fired one round, startling the family, the report said. Then he began walking down the stairs, put the handgun to the side of his head and fired one round. He fell the rest of the way down the stairs into the baby gate.

This is horrible news, and it really upsets me that Oliver would do this in front of his sons.  Sometimes when people kill themselves, they are being greedy.  They are not thinking of what pain they will cause others, but rather how they can get revenge on someone else.  In this case, Oliver is dead, his sons will end up without a father, and Chelsea can move on.  The short answer to this problem is leave, if you are not happy. No one has to be hurt…

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