Expect Big Ben to lead the Steelers back to the top of the AFC North

Big Ben Roethlisberger is easily a top 10 quarterback in the NFL, and I am not the only one that feels this way. Mike Sando of ESPN Insider asked several GM’s around the NFL about top tier QB’s and the league agrees he is special.

One of the offensive coaches placed Rivers and Roethlisberger in the top tier. He noted that Rivers wins with his mind while Roethlisberger wins with his physical abilities. Several GMs said they thought Roethlisberger had declined into the second tier over the past couple seasons. “If you were there in Pittsburgh, you saw him run the no-huddle, you saw the command, you saw him run and make plays,” a coordinator said. “Other people will not think as much of him. He is a very good quarterback, able to get himself out of tough positions.”

Said one GM: “Ben plays big-boy football — and regardless of what you think, he knows how to win the game.”

What does that mean? I will translate it, the Steelers are back. Big Ben has been lacking a running game, some offensive lineman, a couple extra wide outs and a defense. He has received all of those thibgs this year.

The Browns are with a new coach and maybe a rookie QB, the Bengals lost both their coordinators and the Ravens continue to lose key pieces. I feel the Steelers will easily win the division again, and Big Ben will be the reason the team has great success.

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